06 December, 2007

Clash of the Titans – Sydney vs L.A.

Taking a bit off time off from surfing and gangland warfare respectively, it turns out that both Australia and the good ol’ US of A now have cities that play football, and proper football too, not that Aussie rules or NFL shiznit. Billed as exhibition match, this certainly turned to be anything but a friendly with full-blooded tackles flying in all over place and L.A. bruiser Kevin Harmse getting sent off late on.

We’re a bit late on this I know, but unfortunately the carrier kitten who was transporting the footage to us was intercepted en route by an unnamed blog rival. Thankfully General Miouw was able to use his Ross Kemp-funded S.A.S. training to chew his way out of their crude woolen dungeon, and arrived home early this morning, waiting patiently by his bowl in STT headquarters when the editorial staff arrived.

Perhaps the funniest thing about this match was that Sydney were forced to give a senior team debut to 17 year old Nikolas Tsattalios, who had just two days before rented a tux for his high school prom. Bless. Anyway, such was the level of ribbing he took in the Sydney changing room about the job of marking the ex-Man United and Real Madrid man, that the whole team promised him $100 each if he managed to nutmeg the former England captain! Unfortunately he did not, but that’s the kind of incentives we at STT support in the professional game, and encourage other teams to follow suit.

So a pearler of a free-kick, a couple of decent scraps, 8 goals and most excitingly, Beckham calling someone a “fucking cunt” on camera. What more could you possibly want?

Click here to watch those chaps from Down Under kick the hair-dyed Sheilas back across the pond:

1st Half:

2nd Half:

Finally for those of you too impatient to sit through those extended highlights, here are direct links to a nice Blair Witch-style crowd view of Beckham’s cracking free-kick and also some pointed unpleasantness from Harmse that even Joey Barton would be proud of: