19 October, 2008

Kop that Shit

Apparently this has been doing the rounds for ages, but having only just seen it for myself on The Spoiler I felt the need to share the wealth with you good folks too. There’s no real point mincing words because I don’t know the back story to this, it’s just simply Ryan Babel wrecking the M.I.C with a hot freestyle for Dutch radio over classic Clipse beat Virginia.

Now obviously I don’t speak Dutch, so am only able to speculate about the actual lyrical content here, but honestly I don’t think this is too bad! A few English phrases did seep through though, including: “rapping is my hobby”; “premier league”; “representing”; “beef”; “dope”; “check it”; and of course the glue that holds any good rap song together, “motherfucker.”

If any of you cats out there speak Dutch, please please please let us know exactly what he’s saying, and confirm/deny suggestion that it’s in fact an update of N.W.A’s misogynist classic She Swallowed It.


Error13 said...

The youtube translation is...

Rapping is my hobby
Rappers dont want trouble
I'm the Liverpool star those bitches are loving
I know what time it is - I've just bought a new watch
Ill give you a punchline: eight seconds, youll be knocked down
Towel in the ring
My family in the V.I.P
No caviar for us, Surinamers eat chicken
Ya'll know nothing: this is the Premier League
Representing the G
You can see this n***a with number 19
Ya'll can f*** off, I f*** with a whole team
Ya'll can talk, but you dont get anything with it
Ya'll can't be like me, my status is too high
If rappers come to close, I have to take space
People watch YouTube to learn my actions
I have those skills, try some tricks
I was a poor n***a
Now I make f***ing money
I went from the Euro to the English pound
I put money in my pocket, now I spend money on nothing
I like it this way, I'm sure you like it
If somebody want beef, well come on
I like it with some pepper, homie
I'm sure in my life
Give me the f***ing ball, you lose both legs
And now my competition is past
If you hate me because of that, I say youre right
If I was you, I would hate me too
I have the s**t homie
I cant even spend all my money
Keep your daughter in sight. or you will be my family
Ill take your daughter and let her make clean
101 Barz - this is the first time but I came hard!
I came alone, I don't have a back-up
I came because I mean it
Check it

But I'm sure this is inaccurate because he does squeeze in motherfucker along the way.

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